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Penny's Story


Penny’s Story.

I have always relied on nature for my well-being, its calming and restorative effects on both my mind and body, so when my usually calm and clear skin became super sensitive, spotty and flushed red, I turned to nature for the solution to see if it could help my skin in the same way.

So I started researching botanical ingredients specifically to help sensitive skin and the rosacea I know realized I was suffering from.

What I found amazed me, how so many plants have been used for centuries and had proven skin calming and healing powers.

Now rose, chamomile, lavender and marigold flower petals work in synergy and form our ‘Calming Complex’ and are the core ingredients in our products.

Creating Penny Badger Botanicals was my way of taking control of my skin and life again. It is everything that I wanted as a customer, a brand that really understood my skin, not all hype and marketing and most importantly, products that would really calm my skin and deliver real anti-aging benefits.

I take great pleasure in the knowledge that in my small way I am helping people to live a happier life without worrying about their skin.


Penny xx


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