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Postage is a Flat Rate of £6.99 for as many products as you wish.

Delivery time is 3-5 working days, secure and tracked.

Please be sure to give us your full address including area or county, telephone number and email contact..



Postage returned due to incorrect address.


We heavily subsidize postage to make it affordable for our customers so when an order is returned to us by the post office due to an incorrect address given by the customer we bear a cost making these transaction unviable so in this instance we will refund the full price of the product but not the full cost of postage as we will subtract our cost and refund the remainder.


Example – postage cost to the UK £13.50-£15.20 customer pays £6.99 we subsidize £6.51-£8.21


Postage to Belgium /Luxembourg £11 (13.10 euros) customer pays £6.99 we subsidize £ 4

Example Customer pays £ 6.99 postage to Luxembourg we will refund £2.99 postage (£6.99 minus £4 = £2.99)

We hope you can understand our position on this as we are a small family company and we need to keep our costs low to keep our busines viable and be able to continue to give ou customers the best products and service possible.

Penny & The Botanicals Team


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