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Skin Friendly Plants


Into The Garden:

Discover what plants can do for your skin.

Here at Penny Badger Botanicals we are mad about plants, whether it be herbs, plants or flowers we grow them, eat them, and formulate our products from them, we just can’t get enough of them!

Our philosophy: More plant actives more effective products.

We take organic herbs and flower petals with proven skin affinity and anti-ageing benefits and infuse them along with plant oils, actives and vitamins to create highly effective skin care that works hard to protect and regenerate skin whilst calming, soothing and lessening redness from even the most sensitive of skin.

Discover the nourishing anti-ageing benefits of our therapeutic grade pure organic active plant ingredients or CO2 extractions along with organic,cold pressed plant oils freshly and sustainably harvested and how they can help to relieve all skin concerns no matter your skin type skin type or age, restoring damaged skin to its natural beautiful state.

Our plants, herbs and flowers are true super foods for the skin, incredibly rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that help fight the appearance of lines, imperfections, scars and stretch marks; all while restoring skin texture, elasticity and tone.

Relief from inflammation, redness and the 'sting' of sensitive, allergy prone and rosacea skin.

Dry and mature skin can be regenerated and radiance restored, whilst oily and acne prone skin can be balanced and normalized.

Organic plants, herbs and flowers are used in many forms to benefit from all the actives that can be distilled, either from their oils, infusions, floral waters and concentrates to produce highly therapeutic light weight and easily absorbed skin care that really works.

Here are our skin care hero’s, plants that work in synergy to bring health and radiance, by no means all of the plants in our products but the ones we feel work the hardest !

Discover natures skin care solutions:


CHAMOMILE an age old plant with proven ability to soothe and calm all skin types, even super sensitive and eczema prone.

LAVENDER a universally loved plant that works in synergy with other plants, making them more effective. It has the ability to calm skin, even sunburn, lessen redness along with gently keeping spots at bay.

COMFREY is a common garden herb that helps skin to heal itself, softens and calms skin.

EVENING PRIMROSE is packed full of EFA’s to help skin stay moist and healthy.

ROSE PETALS are one of our essential ingredients for its ability to tone the skin and lock in moisture whilst it helps skin cells to renew themselves for a radiant complexion.

ROSEHIPS-This antioxidant-rich powerhouse, with naturally occurring vitamins C & A, evens skin tone, hydrates and soothes the skin.

SEABUCKTHORN-– This berry native to the Tibetan Himalayas, is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, P, carotenoids, flavonoids, phenols, folic acid & fatty acids. In fact, the buckthorn berry is thought to be the only plant in the world to contain omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 all work togetherimproving the appearance of sun damaged and premature aging skin.

POMEGRANATE is a potent antioxidant that is an excellent source of ellagic acid to protect skin from free radical damage.

CRANBERRY is an antioxidant-rich berry with naturally occurring vitamin C to regenerate skin

WHITE POPPY is a packed full of anti-oxidants and natural anti-ageing actives to help skin regenerate

LIQOURICE ROOT is a proven anti-inflammatory which soothes and calms skin and is highly beneficial to sensitive skin and rosacea.

GREEN TEA PLANT is packed full of anti-oxidants that protect skin from daily free radical damage from the sun, pollution and exposure to computer screens.







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