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Struggling with touchy winter skin? You don’t have to..

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Struggling with sore red skin? Now the temperatures have dropped our skin can really suffer from chapping, soreness, red and dehydrated skin sometimes even with spots!

Touchy skin can be very uncomfortable as well as making you feel a little down, but luckily a few simple changes to your skincare routine will make all the difference to how you look and feel.

You may think that staying indoors will protect your skin from the cold winter air but indoors can be just as damaging to your skin. When we go outside we take the time to moisturise our skin and protect it with scarves etc but indoors we forget to care for it.

Large differences in temperature can easily break capillaries on our face leaving us with permanent flushing so going from extreme cold to central heating or in our heated car can do lots of damage. Try not to have the car hot air blasting in your face or sit too close to an open fire.

Keeping hydrated is the key so lots of fluids are important, fruit juices for vitamin C to protect those capillaries and lots of green or herbal teas and vegetable soups will help your skin, just be sure to let them cool a bit so they are not boiling hot, it’s tempting when it’s cold but if you have to blow it to drink it, it’s too hot!

Your skincare regime is very important now as if your skin gets too dehydrated your protective layer of the skin will damage and TEWL transepidermal water loss will happen. This will leave your skin unprotected and open to all sorts of problems that can take time to heal so prevention is always best. However, if you already are suffering these simple changes will bring it back to health soon.

Cleansing is super important as it keeps your skin clear and healthy but if you use water based protects like gels and washes it can soon feel itchy and sore. If you really like the feel of water on your face the best option is to use an olive oil based pure soap which will give some hydration. The water is the problem, as it is very drying especially if you are in a hard water area. We recommend Intensive Calming Face Wash a non- foaming and super hydrating product perfect for adding to your face washing water as it is infused with calming lavender, soothing comfrey and added glycerine a powerful humectant that will leave your skin feeling soft and comfortable, less irritated and red and has the plus of naturally controlling spots or rashes.

Used along with an oil based cleanser your skin will be deeply cleansed without stripping it of its natural oils and will leave your skin’s PH unchanged so is non-irritating and actually hydrates and protects the skin barrier. This one single change to your routine, even if you do nothing else will bring immediate relief, comfort and wellbeing. We recommend Intensive Deep Cleansing Oil that is 100% natural and uses skin friendly sweet almond oil and Golden Jojoba along with soothing botanicals to bring calm and comfort.

Our 12 years experience of helping sensitive skin clients along with the opinion of the best beauty editors around the world have concluded that everyone should be adding an oil based serum to their skincare regime, particularly in the winter and as we get older, that’s over 40 years old. Water based moisturisers are made with 70% water so actually dehydrate the skin! ( good to know our moisturisers use floral waters and glycerine to keep top up skin hydration levels) Simply using one drop of these precious oils directly to damp skin or added to your moisturiser will give immense protection and avoid skin water loss.

This time of year we recommend Intensive Skin Rescue Serum a special blend of 21 plant oils and anti-inflammatory herbs and flower extracts including organic super food Chia seed , antioxidant Pomegranate and anti-aging Rosehip oils that will protect and heal the skin, keeping it healthy and glowing all winter.

All of this can be boosted by using a pure silk pillowcase, I have been using one for years.

I recently had to repurchase as mine was so old and while I was waiting had to use a cotton pillowcase, wow what a difference. Cotton absorbs moisture so you wake up with a dry, tight feeling and lined face and dehydrated hair, but silk is the opposite, it doesn’t absorb and is very smooth and cool to sleep on so you wake with a less dry and sore face, less lines and better hair. It is hypoallergenic too so perfect for us sensitive souls.

I can recommend the Alaska Bear 100% Mulberry Silk Double sided pillowcase, give it a try I think you will be amazed at the difference to your skin.

The most important thing is to enjoy each season whatever the weather so I hope this advice will help you to enjoy it even more knowing that you are making the best of yourself and your skin.

Yours naturally,

Penny x

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