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Skin Care Thread Veins

Skin CareThread Veins

How correct skin care protect your rosacea skin in the winter.

By Penny Badger

Thread veins are associated with rosacea, unfortunately we will all get a few especially as we age but you can do a lot to prevent new ones forming if you choose skin care that is specially formulated to protect rosacea skin.

Thread veins appear when the small veins on our face are subjected to severe differences in temperatures and when inflamed due to skincare that doesn’t protect the skin.

Wearing a scarf over your face to shield it from the cold is the obvious choice but you also need to remember when you return indoors to increase the temperature slowing so as not to inflame or overly dilate the vessels.

When it comes to day time skin care I would suggest that during the winter months to use a spritz of toner containing anti-inflammatories rose, comfrey and liquorice to prime the skin, lock in moisture and most importantly to keep the skin calm. Follow with a cream with the same anti-inflammatory properties to keep skin calm all day.

If you intend to spend considerable time outside in the cold, several hours, ski-ing, horse riding or long walks etc I would suggest adding one drop of a repairing serum containing sea buckthorn which is very good and protecting the skin.

For your night time skin regime I would suggest cleansing with a cleansing oil as this will fully hydrate your skin and will be calming if your skin is sore from exposure to the elements. Follow with your anti-inflammatory toner, moisture cream and or a repairing serum.

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