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Covid -19 Staying Healthy



Covid-19 Simple steps to stay well


During this time of uncertainty it is essential to follow the government advice on hand washing, social distancing and staying at home to prevent the spread of this deadly virus, but can we do more?

Thankfully, we can do a lot to protect ourselves and our families by boosting our body’s immune systems so that we are less likely to catch the virus and if we should a healthy immune will greatly reduce it severity.

Getting enough sleep, light exercise and reducing stress along with a nutrient dense diet is essential to keeping us in top health.

With shops having limited supplies it is easy to eat whatever we can get without considering the nutritional value. Numerous studies over the last 25 years by eminent doctor’s including Joel Fuhrman and Michael Greger, have proven that eating a nutrient rich diet which includes vegetables and berries will significantly boost your immune and naturally fight off viruses.

The easiest way is to increase your intake of vegetables is by buying frozen green vegetables and berries which are super fresh as they are frozen immediately after being picked and not traveled for days in a lorry.

Making homemade soups are super simple and tasty, try broccoli, onion, leek and mushroom a power packed combination that will give you all the nutrients you need daily for health. Frozen raspberries, strawberries and blue berries can easily be added to the whole family’s diet, on cereal, in smoothies or for a tasty dessert.

Being mindful of the nutrients in your diet will help you focus on the positive and not leave you feeling helpless during this terrible time. Use your stay at home time to experiment with different vegetables and fruit combinations to keep you and your family healthy and strong.




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