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Before & After

 Rosacea and Super Sensitive Skin One Month Test










Our lovely colleague Anne from customer services a rosacea sufferer kindly let us follow her rosacea skin care story using our products for one month

Before using the products Anne had discolouration and redness due to rosacea flare up and super sensitive skin.





After 2 days significant redness reduction and reduced sensitivity.








After one month Anne's skin is calm, smooth and soft with no redness or sensitivity.

Anne's Routine

AM Intensive Floral Facial Toner, Intensive Moisture Day Cream 

PM Intensive Deep Cleansing Oil, Intensive Floral Facial Toner, Intensive Moisture Day Cream , Intensive Serum Sensitive.

Anne has kept to this routine but substituting a lighter lotion Intensive Moisture Day Lotion Light in the summer and using a richer serum Intensive Serum Rescue when she needs extra care. 

Need any advice? Anne is always happy to answer skincare queries just email customer services@pennybadger.com

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